Company Details : Quail Farm uk
Quail Farm

Quail Farm is the most comprehensive online information source when it comes to quail keeping and breeding. Find details on how to set your...

www.quailfarm.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : D'artagnan us

Since our founding in 1985, we have remained dedicated to putting only the finest meats on the tables of American gastronomes. At the vanguard of...

www.dartagnan.com | Company Details

Company Details : Quail Supply us
Quail Supply

Your #1 Online Store for Quail & Game Bird Supplies. Whether your raising bobwhite quail, coturnix, ringneck pheasants, or chukars, we can help get...

www.quailsupply.com | Company Details

Company Details : Dobras Quail Farm ng
Dobras Quail Farm

Dobras Quail farm brings Unique Quail farming in Nigeria.
Our farm is located in Makurdi, Benue State, and we market our products from Makurdi and...

www.dobrasquailfarm.com | Company Details

Company Details : Quails Kenya ke
Quails Kenya

Quails Kenya was founded in 2012 by two visionaries with a passion for farming, especially poultry farming. Since then, it has been the goal of the...

quailskenya.co.ke | Company Details

Company Details : Kwetu Farm ke
Kwetu Farm

Kwetu poultry Farm specializes in production of quality broilers and layers for sale either as chicks to other farmers, mature broilers and dressed...

www.businesslist.co.ke | Company Details

Company Details : Quail Farm Nigeria ng
Quail Farm Nigeria

Your No 1 bus stop for quails and quail eggs in Nigeria.
We supply to people and shops all over Nigeria and the world @ N400 Per Crate Cheapest...

www.quailfarmng.com | Company Details

Company Details : K.A. Poultry Farm in
K.A. Poultry Farm

Pure Quails & Country Chicken available at high quality. Immune injections for 10 days age to 22 days age country chicken. There is no feather loss...

Company Details

Company Details : J T Poultry uk
J T Poultry

I always have a large selection to choose from. From day old chicks, point of lay hens and even hatching eggs if you want to have a go at...

Company Details

Company Details : Welsh Border Bantams uk
Welsh Border Bantams

We are a hobbyist breeder of bantams and quails situated in the beautiful area of the Shropshire/ Welsh Borders. We sell hatching eggs, chicks,...

www.welshborderbantams.com | Company Details

Company Details : Mini Meadows Farm uk
Mini Meadows Farm

We specialise in the hand-rearing of nearly 50 types of rare breed chickens, large fowl, bantams, quails and hybrids, where the health and quality...

www.minimeadowsfarm.com | Company Details

Company Details : Podington Poultry uk
Podington Poultry

Hobby Breeder of Chickens (L/F and Bantams) & Quails. Based on the Bedfordhsire/Northamptonshire Border we aim to provide a base for customers who...

www.facebook.com | Company Details

Company Details : Ronnie's Quails And Hatching Eggs uk
Ronnie's Quails And Hatching Eggs

A business devoted to the upkeep and wellbeing of poultry and games birds that have been incubated from eggs in a incubator and successfully...

Company Details

Company Details : JP's Ducks uk
JP's Ducks

We started to breed Japanese Quails in late 2010. We now breed the Roux strain of egg laying Japanese Quail in Fawn and Yellow giving us a...

www.jpsducks.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Ducks at Home uk
Ducks at Home

I started with 4 ducks an 2 chickens, and now have over 100, best pets ever. Rare breeds, quails and ducks available.

Company Details

Company Details : Toop's Coop's uk
Toop's Coop's

We started out breeding a couple of breeds of pekins now have over 10 colours along with Golden and Silver Sebrights and Black Tailed and White...

Company Details

Company Details : Fen Quails uk
Fen Quails

Hello there my name is Grant and I run Fen Quails - a small hobby breeder. I also supply eggs for eating and hatching based in Littleport,...

fenquails.webs.com | Company Details

Company Details : Willow Court Farm & Poultry uk
Willow Court Farm & Poultry

We are a small family run farm offering a variety of different poultry, quails & ducks for sale 7 days a week. We have a small farm shop...

www.farmshopinwindsor.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : D & K Poultry uk
D & K Poultry

We incubate all our own eggs, raise the chicks ourselves in a loving family environment. All chicks can be reared to whatever point you prefer...

Company Details

Company Details : Orchard Poultry uk
Orchard Poultry

Supplier & Breeder of Ornamental & Rare Breed Poultry, Waterfowl, & Guinea Fowl. Breeds: Barnevelder, Brahma, Campines, Cochin's...

www.Orchardpoultry.co.uk | Company Details

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