Company Details : Jack's Poultry and Quail uk
Jack's Poultry and Quail

For any enquiries contact me throuh my email. Happy to take any questions about poultry, waterfowl and quail.

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Company Details : Quail in Swale uk
Quail in Swale

I am primarily a breeder of quail and bantams but I occasionally have stock of ducks and large fowl. I can give advice on keeping poultry and also...

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Company Details : The Knobbly Veg Co uk
The Knobbly Veg Co

We breed Japanese Quail, Blue Scale Quail coming soon, Ducks, Chickens etc.

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Company Details : Chicken and Chicks uk
Chicken and Chicks

We are a friendly farm in Kent. Please call us to check stocks and opening times before visiting the farm. We supply various hybirds, Ex-Battery...

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Company Details : Hen House Poultry uk
Hen House Poultry

Hybrid layers available all year round and the rest are available in season. We breed Hybrid Layers (twelve types), Crested Cream Legbars, Bantam...

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Company Details : Emer Farm Poultry uk
Emer Farm Poultry

Free range grass reared hybrid chickens, wormed and vaccinated. Emer Farm poultry can supply you with all of the necessary equipment if you are...

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Company Details : Jersey Giants & hatching eggs in Hampshire uk
Jersey Giants & hatching eggs in Hampshire

We are a Hobby farm and keep Jersey Giant large fowl Chickens and Hatching eggs and Day old chicks. The occasional White large fowl Silkie can be...

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Company Details : Little London Poultry uk
Little London Poultry

Supplier of chickens, quail, hatching eggs and grey partridge. Will deliver within 50 miles dependant on quantity.

www.littlelondonpoultry.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : JP's Ducks uk
JP's Ducks

We started to breed Japanese Quails in late 2010. We now breed the Roux strain of egg laying Japanese Quail in Fawn and Yellow giving us a...

www.jpsducks.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Georgina's Araucanas uk
Georgina's Araucanas

I breed and sell a small number of Lavender Araucanas and Marans in Essex. We show locally, and parent birds can be seen. I also have a few...

www.georginas-araucanas.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Piddle Valley Poultry uk
Piddle Valley Poultry

We offer 6 varieties of quality Hybrids, all vaccinated, wormed and well grown. Quail available. DEFRA registered.

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Company Details : MollyBee Bantams uk
MollyBee Bantams

I have been a hobby (Pekin and Quail) breeder for 3 years. I hatch my own eggs and also purchase eggs from a local breeder/friend. I feed all my...

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Company Details : Three Oaks Animal Kabin uk
Three Oaks Animal Kabin

Three Oaks is a small independent pet shop that has years of experience caring for a wide range of animals. We supply all kinds of poultry from...

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Company Details : Moon Ridge Farm uk
Moon Ridge Farm

A family run small holding breeding over 120 species of domestic and ornamental poultry. There are over five acres of purpose built pens with ponds...

www.moonridgefarm.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : The Cornerstone uk
The Cornerstone

We started off as a little village coffee shop, that needed quail eggs. We were then bitten by the poultry bug and now have a yard full of...

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Company Details : Jean Small uk
Jean Small

Waterfowl, chickens and quail available, other breeds sometimes available, email me what you're looking for, or to see what's available....

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Company Details : Hendra Farm Poultry uk
Hendra Farm Poultry

All our birds are reared to exacting standards so you can be assured that you are buying the best! The laying hens are organically reared and fully...

www.hendrafarm.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Fen Quails uk
Fen Quails

Hello there my name is Grant and I run Fen Quails - a small hobby breeder. I also supply eggs for eating and hatching based in Littleport,...

fenquails.webs.com | Company Details

Company Details : JARM Poultry uk
JARM Poultry

We supply these rare breeds of poultry from day old all the way up to Point of Lay. We also have hybrids at Point of lay all year round. Hatching...

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Company Details : Willow Court Farm & Poultry uk
Willow Court Farm & Poultry

We are a small family run farm offering a variety of different poultry, quails & ducks for sale 7 days a week. We have a small farm shop...

www.farmshopinwindsor.co.uk | Company Details

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