Company Details : Krishna Quail Farm & Hatchery in
Krishna Quail Farm & Hatchery

Our quail products
- Fresh quail eggs
- Japanese quail chicks
- Japanese adult quail for meat

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Company Details : Layingquail uk

Hobbiest breeder and supplier of laying quail, hatching eggs and eating eggs. I keep Japanese and Jumbo Italian/Golden Giant Quail, khaki campbell...

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Company Details : Poultry Centre uk
Poultry Centre

Poultry Centre now sells over 1000 live birds every month of different breeds and hybrids. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Bell Plantation...

www.poultrycentre.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Podington Poultry uk
Podington Poultry

Hobby Breeder of Chickens (L/F and Bantams) & Quails. Based on the Bedfordhsire/Northamptonshire Border we aim to provide a base for customers who...

www.facebook.com | Company Details

Company Details : Garden Chickens 4 U uk
Garden Chickens 4 U

After keeping chickens in our garden for years, we believe everybody should have a couple of hens in the garden.
We keep a selection of bantam,...

www.gardenchickens4u.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Laura's Chicks uk
Laura's Chicks

Laura's Chicks is based on our smallholding in Newburgh, Lancashire. Our main aim is to keep and breed rare, traditional and interesting breeds of...

lauraschicks.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : The Knobbly Veg Co uk
The Knobbly Veg Co

We breed Japanese Quail, Blue Scale Quail coming soon, Ducks, Chickens etc.

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Company Details : Chicken and Chicks uk
Chicken and Chicks

We are a friendly farm in Kent. Please call us to check stocks and opening times before visiting the farm. We supply various hybirds, Ex-Battery...

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Company Details : JP's Ducks uk
JP's Ducks

We started to breed Japanese Quails in late 2010. We now breed the Roux strain of egg laying Japanese Quail in Fawn and Yellow giving us a...

www.jpsducks.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : MollyBee Bantams uk
MollyBee Bantams

I have been a hobby (Pekin and Quail) breeder for 3 years. I hatch my own eggs and also purchase eggs from a local breeder/friend. I feed all my...

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Company Details : Toop's Coop's uk
Toop's Coop's

We started out breeding a couple of breeds of pekins now have over 10 colours along with Golden and Silver Sebrights and Black Tailed and White...

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Company Details : Moon Ridge Farm uk
Moon Ridge Farm

A family run small holding breeding over 120 species of domestic and ornamental poultry. There are over five acres of purpose built pens with ponds...

www.moonridgefarm.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Sunnyside Poultry uk
Sunnyside Poultry

We have Jumbo Japanese quail and Italian Quail available all year round. All of our birds are reared in large indoor pens and fed on the best...

www.sunnysidepoultry.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Cottage Poultry uk
Cottage Poultry

Please phone or email for information. Quality birds in various including rare colours. Advice freely given. Eggs to POL.. Breeds: Pekins,...

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Company Details : Cracking Eggs uk
Cracking Eggs

Japanese and Italian Coturnix Quail and some hybrids in the warmer months. We keep Quail at all ages and quail eggs are available throughout the...

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Company Details : D & K Poultry uk
D & K Poultry

We incubate all our own eggs, raise the chicks ourselves in a loving family environment. All chicks can be reared to whatever point you prefer...

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Company Details : D&T Poultry uk
D&T Poultry

Please telephone prior to calling to see what we have available. We have a great range of chickens, ducks, turkeys and quail. Light sussex, golden...

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Company Details : Davids Kersey Quail Eggs uk
Davids Kersey Quail Eggs

Japanese & Italian Laying Quail available most of the year, large numbers can be hatched specifically for you £5 bird. We are a small...

www.kerseylivestock.co.uk | Company Details

Company Details : Eggs 2 Grow uk
Eggs 2 Grow

We supply fertile hatching eggs, day old chicks up to point of lay. Ducklings and Japanese Quail (coturnix). Please call for availability. Our...

www.flexeshops.com | Company Details

Company Details : Hoar Park Childrens Farm uk
Hoar Park Childrens Farm

All our breeding stock is listed below, we sell hatching eggs through to POL. Please feel free to contact us via telephone or email to check what...

www.hoarparkfarm.com | Company Details

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