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Company Details : Red Roof Quail uk
Red Roof Quail

We supply quail for meat and fresh quail eggs, wholesale and retail .
We also supply ornamental birds for pets.
During the seasons we also manage...

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Company Details : West Wales Poultry uk
West Wales Poultry

We keep: POL Warrens, POL Black Rocks, POL Kahki Campbell Ducks, Cherry Valley Hybrid Ducks, Japanese quail. Please ring for stock availability.... | Company Details

Company Details : The Poultry Paddock uk
The Poultry Paddock

With over 40 years experience breeding both common and rare breed birds, we have a selection of over 30 breeds always available as well as housing...

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Company Details : Telham Farm uk
Telham Farm

Please phone to check stock, or to view. We keep Khaki Campbells, Black rock, Pekins, Gold Laced Orpingtons, Sablepoots, Cream Legbars, Buff...

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Company Details : Surrey Poultry uk
Surrey Poultry

Surrey Poultry is the outcome of turning passion and a lifelong dream into a business and reality. We have moved to our new site in Ockham which... | Company Details

Company Details : Sunart Poultry uk
Sunart Poultry

We keep Miniature Silver Appleyards, Italian Quail, Cross Hybrid Chickens. Please contact us for availability.

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Company Details : Simply Quail uk
Simply Quail

Hobby Quail breeder supplying Japanese quail and eggs.

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Company Details : Scott's Eggs uk
Scott's Eggs

Eating eggs, fertilised eggs and chicken available. Breed of fertilised eggs cannot be guaranteed as our chickens and cockerels are free range,...

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Company Details : Sage River uk
Sage River

We are in the centre of Birmingham. proving that you can grow your own, almost anywhere. Even if you have a flat, you can keep quails, and have...

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Company Details : Quality Quails uk
Quality Quails

Quality Quails is a family run business in East Yorkshire, producing quail eggs, meat and live birds for sale. We are able to supply a reliable,... | Company Details

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