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Find your local live quail supplier. Day old quail chicks to point of lay.
Company Details : Quail Farm Nigeria ng
Quail Farm Nigeria

Your No 1 bus stop for quails and quail eggs in Nigeria.
We supply to people and shops all over Nigeria and the world @ N400 Per Crate Cheapest... | Company Details

Company Details : Krishna Quail Farm & Hatchery in
Krishna Quail Farm & Hatchery

Our quail products
- Fresh quail eggs
- Japanese quail chicks
- Japanese adult quail for meat

Company Details

Company Details : Quail Farms in
Quail Farms

We are distributing the Live Kaadai and Live Quail. We are providing these services to Quail Farms and Kaadai Farms.

Company Details

Company Details : K.A. Poultry Farm in
K.A. Poultry Farm

Pure Quails & Country Chicken available at high quality. Immune injections for 10 days age to 22 days age country chicken. There is no feather loss...

Company Details

Company Details : Pekande Solutions ke
Pekande Solutions

Pekande solutions limited boasts of 16400 quail birds and 9000 freshly laid eggs per day.
For quail birds of any age either for breeding or for...

Company Details

Company Details : J T Poultry uk
J T Poultry

I always have a large selection to choose from. From day old chicks, point of lay hens and even hatching eggs if you want to have a go at...

Company Details

Company Details : Layingquail uk

Hobbiest breeder and supplier of laying quail, hatching eggs and eating eggs. I keep Japanese and Jumbo Italian/Golden Giant Quail, khaki campbell...

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Company Details : Wellington Meadows Country Produce uk
Wellington Meadows Country Produce

Hatching Eggs and Livestock. Christmas Oven Ready Birds to Order. By Appointment Only. We keep various Marans, Silver Sussex, Welsummers, Light...

Company Details

Company Details : Welsh Border Bantams uk
Welsh Border Bantams

We are a hobbyist breeder of bantams and quails situated in the beautiful area of the Shropshire/ Welsh Borders. We sell hatching eggs, chicks,... | Company Details

Company Details : Mini Meadows Farm uk
Mini Meadows Farm

We specialise in the hand-rearing of nearly 50 types of rare breed chickens, large fowl, bantams, quails and hybrids, where the health and quality... | Company Details

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